Does BSOV possibly have the most decentralized token distribution in the cryptocurrency universe, I wonder? Most of the tokens are timelocked, unmined or evenly distributed between long term holders.

A higher mining cost equals a higher potential token price for BSOV, the mineable and deflationary cryptocurrency (ERC20 + ERC918)

The ETH Gas Price is the Transaction Fee of the Ethereum blockchain, and lately (July/August, 2020) the fee has been consistently growing higher, making an ETH-transaction average at half a dollar, and ERC20-transactions at around one dollar. The high transaction fees can make a simple trade/swap at Uniswap cost about $3.50, and deploying a new smart-contract or Liquidity Pool can cost up to $100. Several people don’t think these fees makes a sustainable transactional ecosystem, but some cryptocurrencies may benefit from it.

The Mining Cost/Market Price Precedence made by Bitcoin (BTC)

Question: “What Determines the Price of 1 Bitcoin?”

Answer: “The cost of producing a bitcoin through the mining process.“

Not much is known about the anonymous creator of BSOV who goes by the pseudonym Mundo. Can we delve in deeper?

Both Satoshi Nakamoto and Mundo probably do not walk around with Guy Fawkes masks with Anarchist symbols on.

What did Mundo create?

A nuclear physicist with a PhD in nuclear engineering has created a Youtube channel that provides longterm mathematical analyses of cryptocurrencies, and a group for cryptos which are designed to be destroyed.

Into The Cryptoverse — With Benjamin Cowen. — Understanding Cryptocurrency — With math you claimed you would never need to know. — Watch Benjamin Cowen’s videos in his Youtube channel — Or join his IntoCryptoverse telegram chat to discuss.

Into The Cryptoverse — A long journey through space of cryptocurrencies.

One of the worst inhibitors of communication is NOISE.

I believe airdrops usually develop a community that:

  1. Airdrops doesn’t attract people who invested any significant amount of time, money or thought into the asset & community. It rather attracts a lot of people who are only coming for free money.
  2. Airdrops attract a lot of uninvested and uninformed community members who crave airdrops and support require a lot of time & resources from chat-admins, community-builders and dapp-developers. This uses precious time from real development.
  3. I assume the “Inorganic noise” vs. “Organic participation”-ratio is considerably worse with an airdropped token, compared to a token that was bought or earned.

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