When BTC is no longer the only dominant cryptocurrency

Let me be clear, Bitcoin is still the most dominant crypto; however the growing cryptocurrency ecosystem is making BTC look relatively more insignificant. In this opinion piece I will try to dissect some of Bitcoin’s characteristics, and reveal some of the areas where BTC fails to meet some of the expectations that especially BTC Maximalists have, for the first and most popular cryptocurrency.

I will also present some cryptocurrencies that I believe can either 1. take Bitcoin’s place, or 2. …

Does BSOV possibly have the most decentralized token distribution in the cryptocurrency universe, I wonder? Most of the tokens are timelocked, unmined or evenly distributed between long term holders.

BSOV (BitcoinSoV) is a PoW-mineable and deflationary-by-design cryptocurrency, which was created by an anonymous founder called “Mundo”, and started with no premine or dev-fees. It is an ERC20+ERC918 Token which is 100% governed and run by its community. BSOV has many similarities with Bitcoin (BTC), but has a unique deflationary aspect, which is that 1% of every on-chain transaction is burnt/destroyed forever. The theory to BSOV’s deflationary mechanism, is that the token holders are incentivized to hold, instead of moving, transacting and/or trading, which rewards long term holders by making their proportion higher in relation to the others — Quite…

A higher mining cost equals a higher potential token price for BSOV, the mineable and deflationary cryptocurrency (ERC20 + ERC918)

The ETH Gas Price is the Transaction Fee of the Ethereum blockchain, and lately (July/August, 2020) the fee has been consistently growing higher, making an ETH-transaction average at half a dollar, and ERC20-transactions at around one dollar. The high transaction fees can make a simple trade/swap at Uniswap cost about $3.50, and deploying a new smart-contract or Liquidity Pool can cost up to $100. Several people don’t think these fees makes a sustainable transactional ecosystem, but some cryptocurrencies may benefit from it.

The Mining Cost/Market Price Precedence made by Bitcoin (BTC)

Question: “What Determines the Price of 1 Bitcoin?”

Investopedia.com answers this question in the above link to their article, among the other answers: There is one extremely important answer.

Answer: “The cost of producing a bitcoin through the mining process.“

The Bitcoin Miners do not want to sell their mined BTC with a loss, so their reluctance to sell at a low price drives the BTC-price upwards. As long as BTC’s Mining Difficulty rises, the intrinsic value of BTC will rise, as well as the cost of attacking it.

ETH-Fees as another cost factor of BSOV’s Mining Process

BSOV is a Mineable & Deflationary-by-Design ERC20 token which shares many…

Not much is known about the anonymous creator of BSOV who goes by the pseudonym Mundo. Can we delve in deeper?

Just like Satoshi Nakamoto, there is another unknown founder who has let the Cryptocurrency Community take control of a powerful idea that he or she created.

Both Satoshi Nakamoto and Mundo probably do not walk around with Guy Fawkes masks with Anarchist symbols on.

What did Mundo create?

BitcoinSOV (BSOV) is a Proof-of-Work mineable and deflationary-by-design ERC20 Token which relies on the security provided by the Ethereum blockchain. The BSOV smart-contract was deployed the 17th of June, 2019, and as per writing this article, it recently went through its 1-Year Anniversary. You can read more at the BSOV Timeline which you can find in the community-made website at bsov.io.

While Bitcoin (BTC) is classified as a Cryptocurrency, BSOV is classified as a…

(Updated: 24th of March, 2020 — First published: 14th of March, 2020)

Deflationary cryptocurrencies are characterized by having a portion of a transaction destroyed or burnt, when sending on-chain transactions. This mechanism makes the circulating supply lower, therefore making the currency or commodity designed to be deflationary, and not inflationary, nor dis-inflationary.

You can talk about deflationary cryptocurrencies in the DeflationaryCoins Telegram chat.

Approved Deflationary Coins.

These cryptocurrencies or crypto-commodities below are approved in the DeflationaryCoins chat.

  • They have not held any ICOs nor token sales.
  • They have representatives available for communication and questions in the DeflationaryCoins chat.

A nuclear physicist with a PhD in nuclear engineering has created a Youtube channel that provides longterm mathematical analyses of cryptocurrencies, and a group for cryptos which are designed to be destroyed.

Into The Cryptoverse — With Benjamin Cowen. — Understanding Cryptocurrency — With math you claimed you would never need to know. — Watch Benjamin Cowen’s videos in his Youtube channel — Or join his IntoCryptoverse telegram chat to discuss.

Into The Cryptoverse — A long journey through space of cryptocurrencies.

Benjamin Cowen’s brains and mathematical abilities may come to good use when he calculates risk for buying or selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). He zooms out and looks at how they have performed in the past, and over long periods of time.

This is how he describes his channel:

“This is the place to learn about macro-level moves in the cryptocurrency markets, and better understand how to build a portfolio to match your own risk/reward goals. We focus on developing and understanding data science models to understand fundamental shifts in the market.”

Benjamin Cowen is becoming popular — People demand legitimate analysis

It may be safe to…

The time is 2:24AM at night, 17th of June 2019.

The Ethereum network receives a transaction into its mempool.

An anonymous person with the pseudonym “Mundo” has deployed a new smart-contract.

Mundo created a mineable currency which is deflationary by design, and which is owned and driven solely by the community.

Mineable by work.

Committed by community.

Deflationary by design.

Mundo created BitcoinSOV (BSOV) — The community progressed it.

Win 10,000 BSOV

This puzzle involves simple communication with an ethereum smart-contract. You can learn everything you need to solve this puzzle by reading information on the https://SovCube.com website.

  1. Retweet, follow and find the hint at [Twitter-link] (The retweet-winner will be randomly chosen and announced after the 10,000 BSOV are all won by the most clever and patient puzzle master.)
  2. Use this private-key to withdraw the 10,000 BSOV: 22E44F8342867D6422A869C233DE37EDCF094B59BFBA0947DA19932C3430AB5F
  3. Empty address? If you think someone has already taken the tokens, since I showed everyone the private key: Think again! This puzzle is not as easy as that. …


Into the unknown

Hello! I am Rouse, and I’ve been contributing a lot to BitcoinSOV (BSOV) the last couple of months. I’ve recently been appointed to one of the “Crowd controllers” a.k.a “Admins” in the BitcoinSOV telegram group, and I’m currently a representative for BSOV in the Deflationary Coins telegram group.

I want to provide an update about the happenings in November, 2019 for BitcoinSOV.

This is an announcement of the live-AMA happening 1st of November 10:00pm CET.

Friday, 1st of November: (Done)

  1. Releasing…

One of the worst inhibitors of communication is NOISE.

I believe airdrops usually develop a community that:

  1. Airdrops doesn’t attract people who invested any significant amount of time, money or thought into the asset & community. It rather attracts a lot of people who are only coming for free money.
  2. Airdrops attract a lot of uninvested and uninformed community members who crave airdrops and support require a lot of time & resources from chat-admins, community-builders and dapp-developers. This uses precious time from real development.
  3. I assume the “Inorganic noise” vs. “Organic participation”-ratio is considerably worse with an airdropped token, compared to a token that was bought or earned.

This is one of my shower thoughts and opinions.

What is your opinion?

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