Basic Info of Deflationary Coins

Approved Deflationary Coins.

These cryptocurrencies or crypto-commodities below are approved in the DeflationaryCoins chat.

  • They have not held any ICOs nor token sales.
  • They have representatives available for communication and questions in the DeflationaryCoins chat.
Infographic: Deflationary Coins — Basics (Updated 9th of June, 2020)

Bomb Token (BOMB)

Contract Creation date: 11th of February 2019

BitcoinSOV (BSOV)

Contract Creation date: 17th of June 2019


Contract Creation date: 21st of June 2019

Shuffle Monster (SHUF)

Contract Creation date: 11th of August 2019

AfterShock (SHOCK)

Contract Creation date: 5th of November 2019

VoidToken (VOIDX)

Contract Creation date: 23rd of February 2020

Join the deflationary discussion

Talk about deflationary cryptocurrencies in the DeflationaryCoins Telegram chat.

Stay tuned for more advanced deflationary infographics, coming soon!

Next time, we may compare the token supply — Or do you have other ideas? Let’s talk.



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