Benjamin Cowen’s Into The Cryptoverse & Deflationary Coins

A nuclear physicist with a PhD in nuclear engineering has created a Youtube channel that provides longterm mathematical analyses of cryptocurrencies, and a group for cryptos which are designed to be destroyed.

3 min readMar 3, 2020
Into The Cryptoverse — With Benjamin Cowen. — Understanding Cryptocurrency — With math you claimed you would never need to know. — Watch Benjamin Cowen’s videos in his Youtube channel — Or join his IntoCryptoverse telegram chat to discuss.

Into The Cryptoverse — A long journey through space of cryptocurrencies.

Benjamin Cowen’s brains and mathematical abilities may come to good use when he calculates risk for buying or selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). He zooms out and looks at how they have performed in the past, and over long periods of time.

This is how he describes his channel:

“This is the place to learn about macro-level moves in the cryptocurrency markets, and better understand how to build a portfolio to match your own risk/reward goals. We focus on developing and understanding data science models to understand fundamental shifts in the market.”

Benjamin Cowen is becoming popular — People demand legitimate analysis

It may be safe to say that Benjamin Cowen’s analyses may be one of the most legitimate analyses you could currently follow in the crypto space, and people are just starting to discover this. About 3 months ago Benjamin started posting his analysis several times a week, and now he has totalled over 13,000 subscribers on Youtube.

You can spend money for a subscription, one-on-one correspondence & more

You can become a Patreon and donate money in Benjamin Cowen’s Patreon page.

Or visit his website where you can find some very good looking real-time charts and more info.

Deflationary Coins Group

Benjamin Cowen is doing other things in the crypto space as well. He has created a telegram group called “Deflationary Coins” which aims to find and promote legitimate cryptocurrencies which are deflationary by design. Deflation, often meaning that a small percentage of each transaction is destroyed, thus lowering the circulating supply. This means that to avoid getting your coins destroyed, you should not move them.

Possible hedge against inflation?

Choosing a deflationary currency could work as an alternative hedge against inflation and stagnant token supply.

This is how Benjamin Cowen describes the Deflationary Coins group:

You can join the Deflationary Coins telegram group

“This community exists as a bridge between various deflationary tokens and serves to bring like-minded people together, focused on building out the deflationary asset class, discussing new ideas, and promoting deflationary tokens.

We will be hosting various events in the channel, including AMAs with deflationary token developers, discussing new tools being created by the community, and working together to establish which projects we can get our community behind.”

7 Represented Currencies

There are currently 7 represented currencies there, and most of them have existed over half a year. They all target different nichès, and communicate different philosophies. Everything from dApp-usage and specialized tokenomics; to deflationary cypherpunk movements.

You can join the Deflationary Coins telegram group here