New Netflix Documentary about John McAfee causes +130% price gain for $WHACKD

2 min readAug 25, 2022

24th of August, a documentary about John McAfee on the run from cartels and governments that were after him, was released on Netflix. $WHACKD, which is tattooed on John’s arm had about a 10 second view time, and the end of the documentary suggested that McAfee might still be alive, according to his ex-girlfriend. All of this is stirring controversy around John McAfee and $WHACKD.

$WHACKD is an ERC20 Token on Ethereum that was created by John McAfee in 2019. He tattooed it on his arm and told everyone that “If I suicide myself, I didn’t. I was whackd”. This was about 2 years before he was reportedly dead by suicide in Spanish prison. Now $WHACKD is community-driven by lots of people who are keeping John’s Legacy alive. Some of the values that John was advocating was financial freedom with cryptocurrencies, libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism, and the community holds these values alive with e.g. their website at

$WHACKD had over 130% price increase — on DexTools, yesterday.

John McAfee’s dead remains have been in Spain for over 1 year, and have not been released to his wife.

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