The Mysterious Mundo - The “Satoshi Nakamoto” of BSOV

Not much is known about the anonymous creator of BSOV who goes by the pseudonym Mundo. Can we delve in deeper?

4 min readJul 16, 2020

Just like Satoshi Nakamoto, there is another unknown founder who has let the Cryptocurrency Community take control of a powerful idea that he or she created.

Both Satoshi Nakamoto and Mundo probably do not walk around with Guy Fawkes masks with Anarchist symbols on.

What did Mundo create?

BitcoinSOV (BSOV) is a Proof-of-Work mineable and deflationary-by-design ERC20 Token which relies on the security provided by the Ethereum blockchain. The BSOV smart-contract was deployed the 17th of June, 2019, and as per writing this article, it recently went through its 1-Year Anniversary. You can read more at the BSOV Timeline which you can find in the community-made website at

While Bitcoin (BTC) is classified as a Cryptocurrency, BSOV is classified as a Crypto Commodity. BSOV is, legally speaking more like a Commodity due to the deflationary mechanism which makes BSOV designed to be less suitable for day-to-day transactions, and more suitable as a longterm Store-of-Value (SoV), therefore the name BitcoinSoV.

Why did Mundo create BSOV? — A powerful case of Deflation

Just like Mundo wrote in the BSOV Whitepaper which he released one year after BSOV was created. To quote the introduction from Mundo’s Whitepaper:

Inflation in fiat currency can be seen all throughout the world. Central governments are able to print money at will causing the purchasing power of the currency to lose its value over time. In extreme cases, certain countries have suffered from hyperinflation, eroding their native fiat currencie’s value in just a short amount of time. Hyperinflation occurs when there is a continuing (and often accelerating) rapid increase in the amount of money. This causes people to turn to other centralized currencies that have a slower rate of inflation. The foreign fiat currencies people switch to trying to escape hyperinflation are not immune to the same fate as their native currency, especially as it is also overseen by a centralized government. In this paper, we present an immutable, decentralized, Store of Value. A hedge against hyperinflation and inflation in general through a token that is mineable and self deflationary. BSoV is a token for all, a token anyone can utilize anywhere in the world.

Simple, but powerful.

So, what Mundo did, was to implement a deflationary mechanism into a crypto which has nearly identical characteristics to the original Bitcoin (BTC), but without hardforking the BTC code. This idea is simple, but might prove to be extremely powerful.

What has Mundo done for BSOV?

Other than being quite reserved and rarely active in the BitcoinSOV Community Chat, Mundo has done a few, but impactful contributions, like:

Strength in Mundos absence — BSOV is governed by the community

Just like Satoshi Nakamoto, Mundo did not take control of the entire narrative, nor take control of token supply or any governing function. Mundo let the community form their own websites, their own narratives, and let the decentralized nature of a cryptocurrency grow organically by its own merits. This encourages the community to do things like they are doing right now — formalizing an upcoming BSOV Foundation.

Where does Mundo come from?

From here on out, we can just speculate, because there are no hard facts put on the table. First, we can see in the picture below that from Mundo’s activity in the BitcoinSOVCommunity Telegram group, that possibly his/her sleeping schedule (or dayjob) schedule is everything from 05 to 15 in the UTC+1 timezone, or from midnight 00 to 10 o’clock in New York Time (UTC-4). Maybe Mundo is from North America or South America? Who knows?

The stats bot at Telegram tracked user activity from November, 2019 until today. The timezone of this graph of “Active hours” is in my timezone (UTC+1).

Mundo — Is there a meaning behind the name?

Mundo is a Spanish word which means “World”, and perfectly reflects the vision behind BSOV, because it is 100% community-driven, and is available to any person in the World with a phone or a computer.

To speculate further, Mundo always writes fluent English in his/her messages, but by looking at the map over Spanish speakers below, we can see that this corresponds well with what I concluded with the likely timezones above. Is Mundo from Central America, or South America? Or is he/she from the Spanish community in the USA? It’s impossible to know exactly.


No one can really know where Mundo comes from, except from himself/herself. Maybe it is a person who is not ethnically or geographically related to the Spanish language at all, and just saw it as a fitting name to target the victims of the Hyperinflation crisis which happened in the Spanish speaking country of Venezuela in 2016, just like Mundo wrote about in the BSOV Whitepaper — Or maybe Mundo is from Venezuela himself/herself, and BSOV, the suggested solution to fiat-inflation came directly from the source and ground zero of the great problem of Centrally Controlled Inflationary Currencies (CCIS)?