UPDATED: There is a lot happening in November, 2019 for BitcoinSOV (BSOV)


Into the unknown

Hello! I am Rouse, and I’ve been contributing a lot to BitcoinSOV (BSOV) the last couple of months. I’ve recently been appointed to one of the “Crowd controllers” a.k.a “Admins” in the BitcoinSOV telegram group, and I’m currently a representative for BSOV in the Deflationary Coins telegram group.

I want to provide an update about the happenings in November, 2019 for BitcoinSOV.

Friday, 1st of November: (Done)

  1. Releasing Proof-of-Commitment concept: First on the 1st of November, SovCube.com will announce its starting operations by arranging a #MassCubing where several BSOV token holders have agreed to “Cube” a.k.a timelock/freeze a great portion of their tokens for 3 months. This is arranged to provide a higher proof-of-commitment (PoCom) for the tokens who has committed token holders.
  2. Live-AMA: After the #MassCubing on the 1st of November, Me (Rouse) is participating in a live-AMA (Ask-me-anything) for BitcoinSOV, which is hosted by Benjamin Cowen, in the Deflationary Coins telegram group.

3. New Logo/ Re-branding voting BEGINS: The last thing happening on the 1st of November is a 7-day long voting which is happening in the BitcoinSOV telegram group. For several months the BSOV community has requested and voted for a re-brand of BitcoinSOV. You and the community can vote between 3 different logos where one winning logo will continue the path of the BSOV brand.

UPDATED: — What happened the 1st of November?

Thursday, 8th of November (Done)

  1. New Logo/ Re-branding voting ENDS: The voting will be finished, and the designer will start creating a full logo-package for the selected logo, so that the logo would work in all kinds of mediums and platforms, so that bloggers, content-creators, designers and social media-channels may move together with the new branding.

UPDATE: Logo Voting Results

The logos were all very good, and the results quite even, but with a clear winner which had 59% of the votes. Logo nr 3 won.

Store-of-Value Cube Logo

UPDATE: Easy Crypto Puzzle

Win 10,000 BSOV

You can try out your detective skills by solving this puzzle and winning 10,000 BSOV.

Including the puzzle, there is also a retweet contest, where a random retweeter will receive 1,000 BSOV + 0.1 ETH after someone wins the whole puzzle.

By the end of November - through December

  1. BitcoinSOV Video(s)-Release: The community has collected ETH to fund the creation of one or a few videos which independent contributors have manuscripted already. The video(s) will use the new logo, and narrate the deflationary aspect in a way that makes BSOV different to other cryptocurrencies.


Friday, 1st of November:

  • 9:45pm (CET) — Releasing Proof-of-Commitment concept (#MassCubing #Cubening):
  • 10:00pm (CET) — Live-AMA: (Join Deflationary Coins telegram group to see it live!)
  • 11:00pm (CET) — New Logo/ Re-branding voting BEGINS:

Thursday, 8th of November:

  • New Logo/ Re-branding voting ENDS:

By the end of November — through December:

  • BitcoinSOV Video(s)-Release:

If you’re already interested in BSOV, then please join us!

If these news sparked some interest, then please join our community at BitcoinSOV telegram group or see what it is all about at https://bsov.io

Thank you!