Who‘s the non-violent community who mined, bought & timelocked 20% of circulating supply?

The time is 2:24AM at night, 17th of June 2019.

The Ethereum network receives a transaction into its mempool.

An anonymous person with the pseudonym “Mundo” has deployed a new smart-contract.

Mundo created a mineable currency which is deflationary by design, and which is owned and driven solely by the community.

Mineable by work.

Committed by community.

Deflationary by design.

Mundo created BitcoinSOV (BSOV) — The community progressed it.

Non-violent Deflationists

The community consisted of non-violent volunteers who stayed committed to protest against inflationary government currencies, by using their own currency which is designed to reach a negative inflation-rate — Opposite compared to fiat-currency.

Proof-of-Commitment (PoCom)

The community created SovCube.com and timelocked their BSOV to prove their commitment.

Over half a million BSOV were timelocked by 15 different addresses, resulting in over 20% of the circulating supply to be timelocked.

The biggest timelocker has timelocked 210,552 BSOV, which would take him/her a minimum of 4 years to withdraw.

Some of the biggest holders of BSOV have timelocked their tokens, resulting in a 4-year+ commitment by the biggest holder, since the timelock-contract has a WithdrawalLimit of 1000 BSOV every 1 week. It could take 8 years if the timelocker chooses to withdraw them every 2 weeks instead.

The community timelocked over 20% of their tokens. This chart demonstrates only the MINIMUM time they will be locked. If the token holders choose to NOT withdraw as often as once per week, then the time will be extended.

The community can still timelock their BSOV

If they feel committed to the longevity and longterm vision of BitcoinSOV.

Timelock your BSOV at: SovCube.com

You can read more at the upcoming website at bsov.io

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Understand the deflationary vision at the upcoming BitcoinSOV website at bsov.io

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